The Work of Summer

The first full week of summer has come and gone. The kids have spent their days at camp and several home improvement projects are underway. The weather has been a soggy mess for weeks, leaving me with an overgrown lawn and a yearning to be outside. I miss my morning walks. Summer always seems to... Continue Reading →

The End of the School Year

Another school year has drawn to a close. Unlike 2020 and 2021, my kids spent the entire year in the classroom. Which felt like a major accomplishment... until my 10-year-old tested positive for Covid with only two remaining school days left. He was quite bummed. To be honest, I was also bummed. It's not like... Continue Reading →

Anguished Screams

I first heard the news via a Facebook post from a teacher I know. She wrote, "I know that thoughts and prayers do not bring back the murdered." I didn't have to read further. I knew that another mass shooting had occurred. I opened my CNN app to read the headline: Deadly shooting at Texas... Continue Reading →

What Is Missing

For a long time, writing was only on the periphery of my life. I started blogging when my oldest son was born. It was 2009, and "mommy blogs" were all the rage. Some blogs ended up taking off, turning their writing into a career (Jenny Lawson, Jen Hatmaker, and Glennon Doyle come to mind). If... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Is Complicated

I'm in bed right now. My kids (with the charge led by my 12-year-old) wanted to bring me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. They made apple cheddar biscuits and pancakes. And though I heard a lot of squabbling while the food assembly was going on, they were quite proud of themselves when they brought... Continue Reading →

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