What Is Missing

For a long time, writing was only on the periphery of my life.

I started blogging when my oldest son was born. It was 2009, and “mommy blogs” were all the rage. Some blogs ended up taking off, turning their writing into a career (Jenny Lawson, Jen Hatmaker, and Glennon Doyle come to mind). If I’m honest with myself, I wanted that. I wanted one of my posts to go viral, driving traffic to my website and giving me a way to continue writing.

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Mother’s Day Is Complicated

I’m in bed right now. My kids (with the charge led by my 12-year-old) wanted to bring me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day. They made apple cheddar biscuits and pancakes. And though I heard a lot of squabbling while the food assembly was going on, they were quite proud of themselves when they brought me the results. Then all three kids brought up (unexpectedly) brought up their own plates of food and ate in bed with me — while I prayed that nothing would spill on the comforter.

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Wanting Sisters

A few days ago, Autumn announced that she wanted sisters.

Her 4-year-old face was pulled into a scowl. It wasn’t a request—it was a demand.

She’s said similar things before but usually framed that she wants to be a big sister. I’ve told her that we’re not having any more babies, but she will get bigger so (in a sense) she is growing into a “bigger” sister to her older brothers. At the time, that seemed to be enough to satisfy her.

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