To My Past Self

I’m trying to envision that it is 2027 — five years from now.

There is no longer a global pandemic dominating our lives. I’m sure Covid is still around, but it has become endemic. Maybe we still wear masks in crowded places. Maybe we’re still getting vaccine boosters every six months. But our world has resumed some semblance of “Before” though we can never really go back to pre-pandemic life.

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Back to the Classroom

Just shy of one year since my kids have last seen the inside of a classroom, my kids will be returning to school next week.

Remote learning has been a struggle. From the early days of trying to establish a routine to changing techniques to keep my kids engaged, it has often felt like a losing battle. I kept telling myself that it won’t be forever, but I have also spent more time crying on the phone to the teachers (and principal) than all prior years of elementary school combined. The longer the year dragged on, the more it felt like a toll on our mental health.

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