A Dream I Had

This week, I had a pregnancy-related dream. It has been a long time since those types of images have invaded my sleep, so when I awoke I was shaking and unnerved. In my dream, I was in labor and at the hospital. I kept insisting to the doctor and nurses that something was wrong. My... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Day

When devastating things are happening in the world, I usually do one of two things. I'll sometimes fixate on the news, moving quickly from one source to another. My brain is trying to piece reality together by gathering information. Sometimes I rely on experts who have far more information and can explain what I don't... Continue Reading →

When There Isn’t Space

When there was something and suddenly isn't,an absence shouts, celebrates, and leaves a space.-Naomi Shihab Nye, "Burning the Old Year" In the category of "there are no good options," we decided to only send Autumn to preschool for half days. By doing this, we can pick her up before lunchtime so she doesn't have to... Continue Reading →

The Limits of Our Protection

When my kids were doing remote learning last year, it felt like an impossible choice between their physical health and mental health. I knew that the odds of my kids getting very sick or dying from Covid were slim; I was almost more worried about Ger or I getting sick and something happening to one... Continue Reading →

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