Anguished Screams

I first heard the news via a Facebook post from a teacher I know. She wrote, "I know that thoughts and prayers do not bring back the murdered." I didn't have to read further. I knew that another mass shooting had occurred. I opened my CNN app to read the headline: Deadly shooting at Texas... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Is Complicated

I'm in bed right now. My kids (with the charge led by my 12-year-old) wanted to bring me breakfast in bed for Mother's Day. They made apple cheddar biscuits and pancakes. And though I heard a lot of squabbling while the food assembly was going on, they were quite proud of themselves when they brought... Continue Reading →

Burnout Has Changed Me

I've reached a pandemic phase of not-quite-back-to-normal, not-in-crisis mode. It doesn't take much to exhaust me these days and I can't tell if that's a leftover from burnout. #pandemicparenting

Out of Options

It has now been 23 months since our schools first shut down. My kids were home for a year of remote learning and no preschool. The older kids transitioned back to hybrid and then full-time school. We re-enrolled Autumn in preschool in April of 2021. Our state has had an indoor mask mandate from the... Continue Reading →

Putting Her Needs First

I feel like every day is just... waiting. Waiting for a call from the school that one of my kids was exposed to Covid or waiting for a Covid symptom to appear. We've moved into the second week of sending Autumn to preschool for only half days. I pick her up at 11:30 and she... Continue Reading →

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