Some Time Away

It has been a few years since our family has done anything for spring break. We had plans to go to Arizona in March of 2020 that we had to cancel due to the emerging pandemic. Last year, I had just started a new job and vaccines weren’t widely available. We’ve done a few road trips in the summer, taking advantage of spending time outside even as the virus lurked in the background.

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The Third Pandemic Birthday

Quentin turned 10 years old this week.

His birthday was five days after our state shut down in 2020 due to Covid-19. We had plans to go to a hotel with a waterpark and had to cancel. Last year wasn’t that exciting either. A March birthday means we couldn’t reliably plan to have an outdoor gathering. Vaccines had only just started their mass distribution. So two of his 10 birthdays have been a bummer.

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Something That Feels Normal

One thing I have always loved doing with my family is “getting out and going places.”

Over the years, we’ve held memberships at Brookfield Zoo, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Morton Arboretum. Never have we held all of these memberships simultaneously! — but we would rotate through and make the most of the memberships we had in any current year. Rainy Saturday? Go to a museum. Gorgeous weather? Head to the zoo.

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One Tired Mama

I was treated to pineapple-upside-down-pancakes this morning. Quentin’s idea. We have had meal delivery kits for years and one year for Mother’s Day, the service sent the ingredients for pineapple-upside-down-pancakes. Quentin remembered and thought we should have the same this year. We looked up a recipe online and I made sure we had all ingredients on hand. I assumed Ger would use buttermilk pancake mix, but he went a step further and made the pancakes from scratch. They were very good – and very filling.

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