The Third Pandemic Birthday

Quentin turned 10 years old this week. His birthday was five days after our state shut down in 2020 due to Covid-19. We had plans to go to a hotel with a waterpark and had to cancel. Last year wasn't that exciting either. A March birthday means we couldn't reliably plan to have an outdoor... Continue Reading →

How Far We’ve Come

On this day two years ago, we were increasingly concerned about Covid-19. Large organizations were beginning to shut down. Certain cities had become hotspots, with hospitals quickly filling. I was supposed to attend a book event that week and it was canceled. On March 12th, 2020, Ger and I made a huge trip to the... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Day

When devastating things are happening in the world, I usually do one of two things. I'll sometimes fixate on the news, moving quickly from one source to another. My brain is trying to piece reality together by gathering information. Sometimes I rely on experts who have far more information and can explain what I don't... Continue Reading →

Out of Options

It has now been 23 months since our schools first shut down. My kids were home for a year of remote learning and no preschool. The older kids transitioned back to hybrid and then full-time school. We re-enrolled Autumn in preschool in April of 2021. Our state has had an indoor mask mandate from the... Continue Reading →

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