The Third Pandemic Birthday

Quentin turned 10 years old this week.

His birthday was five days after our state shut down in 2020 due to Covid-19. We had plans to go to a hotel with a waterpark and had to cancel. Last year wasn’t that exciting either. A March birthday means we couldn’t reliably plan to have an outdoor gathering. Vaccines had only just started their mass distribution. So two of his 10 birthdays have been a bummer.

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The Second Pandemic Birthday

When my kids were young, I used to plan elaborate themed birthday parties. They really couldn’t appreciate the work that I put in, but they always enjoyed having friends over and lots of food. As they got older, they opted to substitute a party for a trip to a hotel with an indoor waterpark. And that was the case last year – in March of 2020 – when Quentin was turning 8 years old.

A mere few days before his birthday, everything shut down due to the pandemic.

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