History on Fire

2019-04-16 History on Fire

I have never been to Paris, but it is on my bucket list, along with so many other cities around the world.  I have family vacation destinations planned for our family every summer from now until 2029 (anyone who knows me personally will laugh and say “of course”) and the trips when my kids are high school and college-aged include Europe. Continue reading

Brings Me To Tears

2016-07-15 What Brings Me to Tears

Inevitably, I re-read my own writing.  Social media provides me with “On This Day” a year ago recap of my posts. I was fourteen weeks pregnant, out of the first trimester, complaining in my own writing about still being nauseous and having dizzy spells.  A few days ago, I was reading about how we were at a baseball game and mulling over the fact that the following year (this year) we would have a baby. Continue reading