In Honor of a Father

This past weekend was Father's Day.  Celebration, reflection, and sometimes hard.  I cannot make it through Mother's Day without thinking about the two babies that we lost.  How can I not, when their birthdays are tattooed on my back, an ever-present reminder that I have five children?

They Were Included

Last April, my sister got married. I was the maid of honor, pregnant, constantly worried that I would lose the baby, as I lost Nelle and Iris in the two pregnancies before. I did the absolute best I could to be present, participate, while carrying fears that something would happen and ruin her special day.... Continue Reading →

My Grandmother’s Birthday

Today is my grandmother's birthday.  She is 98 years old.  I realized last night that her birthday is 04/04 and Autumn's birthday is 08/08.  I love little connections like that. I wanted so much for my grandmother to meet her first great-granddaughter.  I thought of her when Nelle died, and again when Iris died.  Her... Continue Reading →

Familial Laughter

This past weekend, I went to Wisconsin for a wedding shower, staying with my aunt and uncle.  Meeting Autumn for the first time was a flurry as I dropped the carseat into their entryway and headed back to my vehicle to retrieve all of the stuff.  My aunt peered into the face of her "griece,"... Continue Reading →

A Different Photo

I have been sending out Christmas cards since the first year Ger and I were married (so that was 11 Christmases ago...)  I have a large, black wire card tree that lovingly holds all of the cards we receive in return.  By the end of the season, my tree is full and I feel that... Continue Reading →

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