Morning Walks

I am on ten-day streak of meeting my goal of walking 10,000 steps per day. Over the past month, I have met my goal more days than not.

What began as a way to quell anxiety has now turned into a necessary part of my daily routine. I take two or three walks per day, the first being early in the morning.

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Avoiding New Material

In late August 2015, I stopped reading new books.  I couldn’t do anything, really.  I had learned that my baby, at 20 weeks of pregnancy, was measuring way too small.  After initially feeling confused and a bit scared in the doctor’s office, waiting for test results and the next appointment were unbearable. My mind volleyed back and forth between “everything will be fine” and “my pregnancy is over.”  Mostly, I felt the latter.  I knew in my gut, though the doctor was careful in her explanation, that the severity of the growth restriction meant no positive outcome for my pregnancy.  Continue reading