Re-framing Moment

I was taking a bath when I heard the crash from the master bedroom. "Quentin? What happened?" Pause. "Something fell," was the response. He came in the bathroom with tears in his eyes. "Something fell on my head." I got out of the tub and grabbed a towel so that I could survey the situation.... Continue Reading →

Surrender to Fears

I was holding my baby last night with quite a bit of wonder at how light she is.  Carrying her around during the day, I can tell that she weighs more than when she was born, but last night her 9 lbs, 1 oz felt like nothing.  She weighs less both of my pets.  Quentin... Continue Reading →

Six Weeks and Weary

My six-week postpartum appointment was this morning.  It felt like a definitive "end" to such a long journey.  No more pregnancy-related appointments, ever.  I spent time picking out what to wear, as if I wanted to convey "See?  Even five years older, tired, and dealing with a baby after loss, I can still bounce back!"... Continue Reading →

Giving Permission

It is 3:00 am and I just finished feeding my baby. Not because she woke up crying and hungry. But because I wanted and needed to be with her. I had met a friend for dinner. Tucked the big kids in so that I was not leaving Ger to fend for himself with three kids... Continue Reading →

On Coming Alive

(After losing Iris, I joined an online grief writing course in March of 2016. For 30 days, I received an emailed prompt and could write and share it with other people enrolled in the course.  As the 30 days ended, I realized how much I needed the prompts to give me some inspiration and direction,... Continue Reading →

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