How Far We’ve Come

On this day two years ago, we were increasingly concerned about Covid-19. Large organizations were beginning to shut down. Certain cities had become hotspots, with hospitals quickly filling. I was supposed to attend a book event that week and it was canceled.

On March 12th, 2020, Ger and I made a huge trip to the grocery store. We had no idea what a lockdown could look like. Would we be able to leave the house? How long might we be stuck at home? We saw the writing on the wall and pre-emptively kept our kids home from school the next day.

On March 13th, 2020, Illinois announced its shutdown measures. Schools closed. Most businesses, other than essential services, closed. The message was, “Stay home. Flatten the curve.” We did our part.

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Putting Her Needs First

I feel like every day is just… waiting. Waiting for a call from the school that one of my kids was exposed to Covid or waiting for a Covid symptom to appear.

We’ve moved into the second week of sending Autumn to preschool for only half days. I pick her up at 11:30 and she eats lunch at home. She doesn’t nap, but she’ll usually play in her room for about an hour. Then I try to keep her entertained in the afternoon until her brother gets home from middle school.

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To My Past Self

I’m trying to envision that it is 2027 — five years from now.

There is no longer a global pandemic dominating our lives. I’m sure Covid is still around, but it has become endemic. Maybe we still wear masks in crowded places. Maybe we’re still getting vaccine boosters every six months. But our world has resumed some semblance of “Before” though we can never really go back to pre-pandemic life.

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The Constant State of Fatigue

The Constant State of Fatigue

November was a difficult month. My 4-year-old was under a period of quarantine for 10 days after direct exposure to someone who tested positive for Covid-19 at her preschool. My 9-year-old woke up one morning with a sore throat — necessitating a rapid antigen test before he could return to school. My husband also woke up feeling crummy one morning so he dashed off to get a test prior to sending any of the kids to school for the day.

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