Out of Options

It has now been 23 months since our schools first shut down. My kids were home for a year of remote learning and no preschool. The older kids transitioned back to hybrid and then full-time school. We re-enrolled Autumn in preschool in April of 2021.

Our state has had an indoor mask mandate from the beginning. It was lifted briefly for vaccinated individuals before returning in the fall of 2021 as cases rose in the area. Then omicron hit and things got worse. We decided to send Autumn to preschool for half days instead of full days. The logic was that at least with half days, she wouldn’t have to remove her mask to eat lunch and potentially be exposed to the insanely contagious Omicron variant.

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Acceptance of the New Normal

2020-04-14 Acceptance of the New Normal
Photo by Matt Sclarandis on Unsplash

Day 32 of our confinement to our home.  The days have now turned into a predictable rhythm of remote learning assignments from the elementary school, juggling work and a toddler, endless dishes and laundry, and time in our backyard if the weather cooperates.  We do telehealth appointments with doctors when needed, FaceTime with family, and Zoom meetings for church.  I text constantly to stay connected, but it isn’t the same.  I miss playdates, going to the museum or zoo, Starbucks, and dinners with my friends. Continue reading “Acceptance of the New Normal”

Out With One Month, In With Another


September always seems to be a hard month. It starts out brutal on the 3rd, the day that we found out that Nelle’s heart had stopped beating. Her birthday on the fourth. Replaying those early days over and over, each year passing and remembering those early days of grief. Then reaching Theo’s birthday and feeling the contradiction of celebrating another year of his life, while missing hers. Continue reading “Out With One Month, In With Another”

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