Reclaiming the Morning

My husband and I have a long-standing arrangement on weekends. On Saturday morning, he sleeps in and I wrangle all of the kids. Up with Autumn around 6:00, breakfast for the older kids when they wander into the kitchen around 6:45… usually pancakes or waffles. By 8:00, I have left the house with Autumn in tow to go run errands for the week. The big kids have their morning screen time and Ger keeps sleeping. All of this lasts until about 9:30 when I return home from shopping, screen time is over, everyone is awake and the weekend day commences. Continue reading “Reclaiming the Morning”

Fighting Life

2017-03-16 Fighting Life

Late last night, my heart started racing and I could not calm down.  This happened many, many times while I was pregnant with Iris; far fewer this pregnancy.  I had adapted a “whatever happens, happens” approach in the early weeks, but now as I am in the middle of that time period of “where things went wrong” between Nelle and Iris, it is becoming harder to control. Continue reading “Fighting Life”

Extreme Heat

2016-08-04 Extreme Heat

Yoga has been a source of solace.

If I do not go every 2-3 days I can feel the tightness, in my limbs, in my jaw, in my balance.  I need that sweat release of 105 degrees for 90 minutes.  I am now so familiar with the sequence of 26 postures that I can sometimes let my mind wander.  What do I need to process?  What do I need to consider?  The instructors would likely click their tongues and tell me to “bring myself back into the room” but it is a place to gather my thoughts while stretching my body. Continue reading “Extreme Heat”

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