Extreme Heat

2016-08-04 Extreme Heat

Yoga has been a source of solace.

If I do not go every 2-3 days I can feel the tightness, in my limbs, in my jaw, in my balance.  I need that sweat release of 105 degrees for 90 minutes.  I am now so familiar with the sequence of 26 postures that I can sometimes let my mind wander.  What do I need to process?  What do I need to consider?  The instructors would likely click their tongues and tell me to “bring myself back into the room” but it is a place to gather my thoughts while stretching my body. Continue reading

Two Letters

2016-06-30 Two Letters

For some reason, the mail came early.  I saw the mail truck pass by our mailbox around noon, so I headed outside to collect it.  I noticed a few envelopes with actual handwriting on the front, indicative of a more personal message.  We have no upcoming birthdays in this house, and handwritten notes are few and far between so I was intrigued. Continue reading